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  • this brutal love

    muse decided to challenge me. not sure if i met that challenge yet. it wasn’t for lack of trying. i think i channeled more emotion than intended. this was how i felt at the end, defeated, head hanging down. but it’s a new day. new challenges may arise. and i will meet them head on!

    <3 you muse, just don’t kick me when i’m down, you know how i hate that shit!

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    water runs dry

    lovely antique faucets…i love this stuff. anything antique, vintage, abandoned….i think maybe i relate a little bit.

    it’s been a weird month for me. i’ve not felt ‘inspired’ to shoot much of anything. today, my muse hit me with some words that knocked me out of my melancholy and while i’m not all that inspired yet…i WILL be. 

    all the love goes to the muse, for the fanning the spark to regenerate this fire inside, for the reality check, and frankly, for caring enough to give me what i needed, when exactly i needed it. “i’m a mess and you’re a work of art.”

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