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Will follow any original photography blogs, just send a message.

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  • for those who don’t know, I do book covers too!! here’s one for a great author addy mason and her new era series of mythical fantasy books that are just fantastic!! this is the cover for book 4. 

    i took this outside my falling down barn, and with my husbands claymore. it is part of a scene that is featured in the book.

    read more about her books on her facebook page:


    and her official website: 


    the dawning of autumn

    hey there, i’m still around and kickin’. this is my absolute favorite time of year, the air gets that chilly bite to it, more rain storms happen, and i have an excuse to drink hot coffee all day :) (like i ever really NEED one!)

    I’ve lost 3 pounds….so i guess this fitness thing is working a little bit. still not smoking, which is easy sometimes, but much harder at others.

    my muse has been non-existent lately. but i looked out the window this morning, the first day of fall, and saw this beautiful sunrise, and the muse was the first thing i thought of. 

    freaky flyer

    reverse lens macro (harder than they make it sound, that’s for sure!) with my 35mm lens. 

    i’ve been on another “hiatus” a while, which all started because i was doing some self shots boudoir style and well, i was pretty much disgusted with how i looked. so, i dropped everything and started getting into a workout/diet routine. i also quit smoking at the same time. i’ve been shooting here and there, but haven’t really been bothering with the internet except to find fitness tips (if you follow me on pinterest, you’ll have seen that, lol) anywho, that’s where i’ve been :)

    hey there new followers! thanks for coming over to my little area of web. there’s more links where i can be found, if you wanna check them out. Stay tuned for details on another art show where myself and my bestie timothymcvainlives will be showcasing our work in Austin, Texas!! 

    alrighty then, i’m off to burn off some fat and get ripped :)

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